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Amphora Capital's private equity funds were initiated in 2006 and have formed an investment layout radiated from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to many more central cities in the past decade. With professional investment management and value-added service teams in different regions, Amphora has provided services for its portfolio companies and propelled them to grow larger. Up to now, Amphora has managed 30 RMB funds and the total AUM exceeds 10 billion RMB. It has invested nearly 200 outstanding companies and many of them managed to go public in China.
Amphora Capital's Private Equity Funds
Qingdao Amphora High Technology Equity Investment Fund (Limited Partnership)
Qingdao Amphora Venture Capital Investment Company (Limited Partnership)
Beijing Amphora-Grandtopeak Venture Capital Investment Company Limited
Beijing Amphora-Grandtopeak Angel Investment Company Limited
Beijing Amphora Equity Investment Company (Limited Partnership)
Guangzhou Amphora Venture Capital Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership)
Amphora Angel Incubator established in September 2014. It’s an integrated and innovative incubator with an entrepreneurial ecosystem launched by prestigious angel investors including Mr. Shichun WU and Mr. Yi’nan LI. It’s dedicated to gathering entrepreneurial elements including creative ideas, products and technology, and industry resources, to building three essential platforms of entrepreneurship resources, financial capital, and technology consulting, to constructing Amphora Angel’s entrepreneurial ecosystems, and to providing various and full service for start-ups seeking seed or early stage investment with incubating, training, investing, lecturing, doing roadshows, etc. Amphora Angel Incubator is here to help companies grow their businesses.
In Feb 2015, Amphora Angel raised investment of 30,000,000 RMB from Amphora Capital.
In Jun 205, Amphora Angel was approved as Zhongguancun’s High-tech Enterprise.
In Aug 2015, Amphora Angel acquired recognition as Beijing Innovation Space.
In Oct 2015, Amphora Angel completed its registration as an innovation space as per the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Amphora Angel provides financing services for incubating companies with capital introduction and collaboration with crowd-financing platforms, and helped nearly 200 incubated companies complete their Angel, and Series A and B round financing.
Amphora Angel launches a CEO Training program once a month, providing entrepreneurship coaching and resource introducing services for entrepreneurs.
Amphora Angel has built up strategic partnership with nearly 100 incubators and scientific and technological development areas around the country, introducing strategic partnership and cooperation resources for incubated companies in different places by utilizing advantageous resources from both sides of the partnership.
There are more than 150 incubated companies and nearly 100 companies-to-be-incubated under observation.

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