Amphora Capital was established in 2006 as the Private Investment Fund subsidiary to Amphora Corporation. The business includes equity funds, investment management consulting and Amphora Angel incubator.
Amphora Capital focuses on initial and growth investments, with a particular focus on potential investment opportunities in the industrial Internet, biomedical health and high technology sectors, investing in biopharmaceuticals, precision medicine, aerospace, education, fine chemicals and many other fields. With AUM over 10 billion RMB, it has invested in nearly 200 outstanding enterprises, and many companies have successfully listed in China. Amphora Capital always adheres to the investment principle of value and growth, giving entrepreneurs not only financial support, but also the introduction of strategic resources, the improvement of business models and the assistance of corporate follow-up financing.
Unicorn and quasi-unicorn companies include:
Newborn-town, ZhenRongBao, Afanti, 51yund, TigerWit, Tianzerr, Honey, Goxueche, WeiPiaoBao, Guojiang TV, Atjubo, Yuyuyu, Itaobuxiu, Jicanchu, Youshu, Wyre, and HuoheTech.
Listed Companies include:
Qingdao Tgood Electric Co., Ltd (300001.SZ), WG Tech(JiangXi) Co., LTD (603773.SH), Eastsoft Communication Technology Co.,Ltd (300183.SZ), Emperor Technology (300546.SZ), Qingdao Hilywill Advanced Materials Technology Co.Ltd (NEEQ: 834835), Sanleng (NEEQ: 834741), ASU Tech Co.Ltd, Galactic Energy, MinoSpace, and JiaXian Functional Auxiliary.
Biomedical Companies include:
Hi-Tech Bio, Xollent, KingFocus Biomedical, Ming Qin Biological Technology, Ivaccine, Nocendra, TCR, POC, and RLL.
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