For Fund Partners
Amphora Capital’s fund layout and cooperation radiates from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to central cities around the country. Amphora is looking forward to partnership from high net worth individuals and institution investors and to creating higher value together.
Should you be interested, please contact our fund manager Ms. Wang.
Phone: +86-10-66415610
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For Entrepreneurs
We prefer to meet talented entrepreneurs and get to know their companies.
Should you be interested, please send your business proposal to
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At present, Amphora is rapidly growing and developing, and hungry for excellent talents. As a capital management institution which treats talents as core assets of the company and believes that an excellent venture capital team is a crucial power to facilitate rapid development of an enterprise, we hope to build a professional angel investment team which is sophisticated, distinctive, aspirational, passionate, and enterprising. We are dedicated to creating a harmoniously, fairly, and sustainably competitive environment for extraordinary talents. We advocate for trust and respect among people, team spirit, mutual understanding, and sharing experience. In order to strike sparks out of everyone and stimulate their potential, we are committed to effective and transparent corporate governance, an open and frank working environment, and fairness in performance assessment. We remain relatively objective when it comes to making investment decision. We ensure sustainability of investment achievements and pursue same level performance in every case.

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